Coach Supervision

I work with individuals heading towards coach accreditation and those starting out with their training. I have been in supervision for therapy/coaching for over twenty years and continue to learn from the opportunity to explore my work with another professional.

How it works

Once a coach is accredited coaching supervision is usually monthly but during training many coaches do not have sufficient clients to require regular supervision. Sessions can be set up to suit your needs, either online or, if appropriate, face to face.

We will explore cases (anonymously) and any issues that have arisen for you or the coachee. My aims are to help grow your skills, ensure the well-being of your clients and build your confidence.


“I’ve worked with Julia as a supervisor of my coaching for the past year and I have really progressed my practice with her support. Not only does Julia point out the positives with encouragement and humour, she also subtly challenges my approach to some situations, suggesting alternatives or highlighting things I hadn’t seen. The sessions have been invaluable and she has really helped me develop my own coaching identity and move me forward towards accreditation. She is a great supervisor!”

Senior OD Professional