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Hi - I’m Julia, a coaching psychologist, psychotherapist and writer. 

Over the past twenty years I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people who wanted to make changes to their lives.

Some have sought help with issues that are stopping them living their life to the full. Others have wanted to explore ways to grow their skills and develop in their profession. Every person is different and each has their own objective.

Coaching and therapy can help you to understand your own psychology and how this impacts your day to day life, your relationships and aspirations. This understanding can be the start point of real change.

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 A few words about Coaching & Therapy

Psychotherapy helps you to look below the surface and explore long held limiting beliefs and other issues that could be causing you on-going problems.

You can use therapy to...

  • Explore how and why you behave as you do
  • Understand your thinking patterns; where they help and where they hinder
  • Recognise your emotional reactions to thoughts and events
  • Deal with underlying issues that are holding you back
  • Learn new strategies and develop new approaches

Coaching can help you to address immediate issues and develop new skills and approaches.

You can use coaching to...

  • Clarify your goals and plan how to achieve them
  • Channel your energy and decide between multiple options
  • Build confidence and self-belief
  • Identify your strengths
  • Communicate effectively and improve relationships


Understanding what makes you YOU

Our behaviour is influenced by the way we think...

The way we think is impacted by the way in which we interpret our experience of the world around us...

We filter these experiences as they happen, deleting, distorting and generalising about what we see and hear without even being aware...

We create memories which represent our experiences and act as if these memories are 'true' and the only interpretation of events...

And each of us does this in our own unique way creating 'our own map of the world'.

Understanding how we do this - our own psychology - can help us make real changes.


“Freud said the best way to change your behaviour is to change your point of view. Therapy and coaching are about change: changing thought patterns, changing behaviour and habits. 
My role is to support you in this process and help you to change at your own pace.”

Julia Lampshire

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And, if I’m not the best person to help you I will try to point you in the right direction. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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